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Where we provide lessons in Reading

Our instructors are local experts when it comes to driving in Reading. Our top areas include:

Bracknell, Calcot, Caversham, Lower Earley, Maidenhead, Shinfield, Tilehurst, Winnersh, Wokingham, Woodley.

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Learning to drive in Reading

Three Bs define Reading: beer, bulbs, and biscuits. But we think it’s a pretty good place to learn to drive as well. Our instructors will introduce you to the surrounding towns and the quieter suburbs before launching you into Reading’s bustling town centre.

The Southlake area of nearby Woodley is a great place to start out. Antrim Road, Cottesmore Road, Cartmel Drive, and Malone Road all link up well to provide the perfect circuit for a new learner. Here the quiet, residential setting makes it easy to practise moving off and stopping, signalling, and clutch control in an unhurried environment. The Midrive app will work as a great way to keep track of the routes you take with your instructor.

When you’re ready for higher speeds, take to the B3270 from the Showcase roundabout and continue alongside the M4. Eventually you’ll reach the Black Boy Roundabout, the bane of many a promising practical driving test. The key is practice, and familiarity with the road signs and markings. If you take it slow you should be able to position yourself correctly - just don’t forget your checks if you have to change lane (especially blind spots!). With a Midrive instructor by your side, we’re sure you’ll be nailing it no time.

But the ultimate test is Reading town centre, which will be hard to avoid given it's so close to it. You’ll want experience crawling through the traffic that often clogs Cemetery Junction, and get familiar with the IDR, as both are likely to crop up on your test. Reading has plenty of one-way streets and systems too which you’ll need to master.

And one final thing to remember, when it comes to the big day - don’t forget to stop at the stop sign as you exit the test centre! Plenty have failed because nerves have made them forget it!

Manual and automatic driving lessons

We offer both manual and automatic driving lessons in Reading, we like choice!

Manual or automatic? It deserves a moment’s thought. A manual licence allows you to drive both manual and automatic cars after passing. An automatic licence restricts you to automatics. However, an automatic is simpler than a manual, as you don’t have to change gear, so most people learn quicker in them. But automatic lessons are generally more expensive, as there are fewer automatic instructors teaching.

You might want to consider where you’ll be driving in Reading. If you plan to travel towards Reading Station, or the town centre during rush hour, you may well prefer an automatic. An automatic transmission makes crawling along with traffic a little easier. However, if you see yourself driving out of Reading, perhaps on the winding country lanes towards Shiplake, then you might prefer the control of a manual transmission.

Driving test centres

There’s just the one test centre in Reading, so our instructors will ensure you know the routes around it inside out. It's also a good idea to take a look at the DVSA test centres page.

  • Reading: 220 Elgar Road South, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0BW

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