Driving Lessons in Derby

Pass faster with our top-rated driving instructors in Derby. Prices start from just £25.00 an hour.

Driving Lessons in Derby

Where we provide lessons in Derby

Our outstanding driving instructors are in Derby, we’re there for you! Our top areas include:

Darley, Normanton, Micklemeadow, Pear Tree, Rose Hill, Pride Park, Crewton, New Normanton, Alvaston and Sinfin North.

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Learning to drive in Derby

With plenty of quiet residential streets, cul de sacs and industrial estates, you will be able to easily find a good spot to get some manoeuvres in. The city is also surrounded by dual carriageways which you will have fun on as you progress through your driving lessons too.

Our top tip is to have a lesson in the Little Chester area, close to the River Derwent and some nice parks to get away from it all and to practice on a scenic route if speed isn’t quite in your repertoire yet! With some residential areas and the odd roundabout here and there, there will be plenty to keep you going.

Multiple cars

Manual and automatic driving lessons

You can book both manual and automatic driving lessons in Derby, we’ve got it unlocked!

We like choice and we know that you do too, that’s why we have made sure that you can book driving lessons in both manual and automatic cars with us. Make sure that you are happy with your choice before arranging your first driving lesson. The benefits of learning to drive in a manual car are that you can drive both manual and automatic cars when you pass your test as well as more available instructors and cheaper lessons. Don’t forget the learning in an automatic car is a little easier and there is a little less to remember - the choice is yours!

What learners say about our driving lessons in Derby

We’ve helped over 300,000 learners to pass their driving test. Why not take a look at some of the lovely things they say about us?

Rebecca Coombes
Midrive is a great way to find a quality, local driving instructor.
Marc Sherman
I had a very successful experience with Midrive. Would definitely recommend.