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Driving Lessons in Bradford

Pass faster with our top-rated driving instructors in Bradford. Prices start from just £23 an hour.

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Where we provide lessons in Bradford

No matter where you are in Bradford, we’ve got your back. A few popular areas are:

Baildon, Bierley, Birkenshaw, Broomfields, Buttershaw, Cullingworth, Heaton, Shipley, Thornbury and Thornton.

Enter your postcode above to check lesson pricing in your local area of Bradford.

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Driving Lessons in Bradford

Learning to drive in Bradford

Bradford has a population of over half-a-million! So you ought to be prepared for busy and bustling streets when driving in and around the city centre. Fear not though, our instructors know the difficulty of starting out on busy streets - they’ll be taking you to the quieter residential roads to find your feet.

You can expect initial practice somewhere like Bolton Outlanes. There’s a good loop to be made by following Swain House Crescent onto Howarth Avenue, down Greenwood Avenue, and onto Radcliffe Avenue, which will lead back to Swain House Crescent. Just ensure you avoid the school rush.

Alternatively, you can head out towards Heaton. Once there, a section of Haworth Road just off Haworth Grove is straight, narrow and peaceful. It makes perfect practice for new learners looking to tackle moving off and stopping. As a bonus, the Heaton test centre isn’t far off from there, so this early practice could also get you familiar with roads that might come up in your test.

When you’re looking for a greater challenge you can head into the city centre. There, A roads snake around, stop at traffic junctions, and meet at busy roundabouts. A particularly daunting one is where the A6177 hits the A6036 at the source of the M606. Needless to say, our instructors know just how to help you over these obstacles. You’ll be cruising around Bradford in no time - so long as you’ve missed the traffic!


Manual and automatic driving lessons

Our manual and automatic instructors in Bradford are ready and waiting!

If it’s time to get behind the wheel, have a think about which type of driving lessons you’d like to take. With a manual licence you can drive both manual and automatic cars, whereas an automatic licence only qualifies you to drive automatic. That suits some people fine, but others prefer the flexibility of a manual licence.

Automatic driving lessons are also pricier due to the fewer number of instructors available. But if you think you might be driving a lot in Bradford traffic you might want to consider an automatic, to avoid fussing with the gears. The choice is down to you.

Multiple cars

Driving test centre locations

There are a few driving test centres to pick from in Bradford. Your driving instructor will help you choose a test centre and make sure you’re learning the right routes before your practical driving test. Have a look at the DVSA page on driving test centres close to you. Your nearest test centres are:

  • Heaton: 15 Farfield Street, Heaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 5AS
  • Thornbury: The Courtyard, Midpoint, Thornbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 7AY

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