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What is dashcam insurance?

A dashboard camera is a video camera that’s fitted to your windscreen, usually just below your rear-view mirror. It gives you a quick and easy method to prove your innocence if you’re ever involved in an accident, and allows you to save on insurance premiums!

How it works

  • Speak with an expert: MyFirstUK's insurance experts find you the best policy for your needs.

  • Arrange a time that works for you: Free installation at your local Halfords store.

  • Drive away and start saving: You start saving on your insurance right away.

Why choose MyFirstUK dashcam insurance?

Save up to 30%

Start saving on your car insurance immediately!

No black box, no restrictions

No curfews and we won’t monitor your driving style

An award-winning Nextbase dashcam

Receive free dashcam installation at your local Halfords store

You’re protected if there’s a claim

Video footage quickly proves your innocence

Why you should use a dashcam

1. Help contest traffic violations

If you’re penalised for an offence you didn’t commit, you can use the dashcam as evidence to contest the fine.

2. Ward off fraudsters

Insurance fraud is an unfortunate fact of life. Video footage can trump the bogus claims of would-be fraudsters.

3. Accurately record events

The adrenaline rush of an accident makes remembering what happened difficult. Dashcams record every detail without bias.

4. Improve as a driver

Recording your own behaviour can make you more aware of your driving habits, making you less likely to have an accident in the first place.

5. Protect other road users

Your dashcam can provide evidence for other drivers accused of causing an accident, or help people who are the victims of road crime find justice.

6. Take great footage

Dashcams don’t have to be all business. The video you capture is yours to watch, edit, and upload as you like. Get creative!

Types of dashcam insurance

1. Third party only

This covers you for any injury or damage caused to other people and their property.

2. Third party fire and theft

This takes ‘third party only’ and adds cover in the event your car is stolen or damaged by fire.

3. Comprehensive

This covers ‘third party fire and theft’ plus any damage you accidentally do to your own car.

What you get with MyFirstUK

  • Ongoing support: Talk to your dedicated account manager anytime.

  • The best price from the start: No performance-based schemes.

  • Instant no claims growth: Start saving as soon as you hit the road.

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Common Questions

Do I get to keep my dashcam?

Of course! After you’ve had it installed it’s yours to keep and use forever.

How is my dashcam installed?

The policy comes with a £25 hardwire kit, which a Halfords engineer will fit to your car for free.

What is an SD card?

It’s a small memory card designed to be used in cameras and other portable devices. Your Nextbase dashcam will use one of these to store the footage it records.