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Types of convicted driver insurance

There are three types of insurance available for convicted drivers. Midrive offers them all.

Third party only

This covers injury and damage you do to other people and their property. It covers the least, but because many convicted drivers choose it, it’s seen as the most risky. It can therefore be the most expensive.

Third party fire and theft

This is third party only that also covers the theft of your car and damage done by fire.


This covers third party fire and theft, as well as any damage you accidentally do to your own car. This cover is typically chosen by safer drivers, so can end up being the cheapest, as it often represents the least risk.

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How to lower your insurance premiums

Raise your excess

Voluntarily increasing the excess you pay in the event of a claim is a great way to lower the cost of your insurance. This is a good option if you’re confident of not being involved in an accident.

Get a dash cam

Having a dash cam installed allows you to quickly prove your innocence in the event of an accident. This significantly reduces your risk and most insurers will reduce your premiums to match.

Park securely

Being able to park your car securely in a garage will lower your insurance cost. Installing an immobiliser, an alarm, or a tracking device could help as well.

Avoid reoffending

By not reoffending, you keep your policy secure and your premiums down. You also avoid the risk of tougher sentencing by the courts and sterner appraisals by underwriters.

Driver rehabilitation courses

These courses are refreshers on the laws that govern the road and the consequences of breaking them. Some insurers will reduce their premiums after you’ve finished the course.

Convictions Midrive can insure

Midrive can cover a range of different convictions. They broadly fall into these categories.

  • Drink-driving bans
  • Drug-driving bans
  • Traffic light offences
  • Penalty points for speeding
  • Previous bans or disqualification from driving
  • Unspent non-motoring convictions
  • Convictions for failing to stop after an incident
  • Convictions for driving without insurance
  • Convictions for dangerous driving

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Common questions

Will a driving ban affect my insurance?

Yes. A driving ban will affect your insurance costs for five years.

Do insurers check convictions?

Yes, insurers check convictions when a claim is made. Failing to declare unspent convictions at application or during a policy can result in that policy being cancelled and any claim being denied.

Do I have to tell insurers about spent convictions?

No, you do not need to disclose any spent convictions even if specifically asked about them.

How do points affect your insurance?

The more points you have on your licence the more your insurance will cost.

How long do points stay on your license?

Depending on the offence, points will either stay ‘active’ on your licence for 3 or 10 years. They will also stay visible on your licence for another year after that, but won’t affect you in any way.

Do I need to tell my insurer if I get points?

It’s best if you do. They will check your record in the event of a claim and may reject it if you’ve failed to declare an infraction.