Careers at Midrive

We’re building driving and insurance products for the digital generation. Want to make learning to drive less stressful or first-time insurance more affordable? Join us!

Current vacancies

Don’t see what you’re looking for? If you think you’re a fit for us but we’re not currently recruiting for a role that suits your skills and experience, then please feel free to send your CV to [email protected] with an outline of the role(s) you’re seeking. We’ll add you to our talent pool and invite you to apply if something suitable comes up in the future!

What we do

We want to make first-time driving better for everyone. The old way of doing things is broken. 53% of learners fail their first test. Of those who pass, 1 in 5 crash in the first 6 months. That’s unacceptable.

Our technology helps learners find top-rated instructors and access pay-as-you-go insurance, so they can pass-first time and ultimately become safer drivers. Pretty cool, right?

Since launch, over 300,000 young people in the UK have used our apps, data and tech to gain their independence. We’re growing quickly and are now available in over 100 towns and cities in the UK, expanding to a new one each week.

Why join Midrive?

  1. We have big ambitions and we’re growing fast.
  2. Join a world-class team.
  3. Work on real-world problems in a purpose-led business.
  4. We are 100% committed to diversity.
  5. We work hard, but play hard too.

What’s it like to work here?

We don’t have a ‘bums on seats’ attitude; we hire people we trust, give them the resources they need to succeed, and let them work in the ways that allow them to be productive and effective. Our dog-friendly office (near Borough) is home to a diverse workforce who are relaxed but committed and driven. We all work collaboratively, love learning from each other, and enjoy the social side of working as part of a team. We place great importance on maintaining an environment in which you feel comfortable bringing your true self to work. There are no personalities left at the door here and we are fully committed to helping you fulfil your potential at Midrive!

Here are a few things we like - emojis, gifs, ideas, coffee, positivity, beer, sarcasm, gin, Great British Bake Off, openness, music (we have a Sonos speaker and an open office playlist) and honesty.

Our hiring process

If your CV (and covering letter if applicable) demonstrate that you have the required skills and experience to be successful in the role you’ve applied to, you will be invited for an initial screening interview (typically conducted by phone or Skype). If you are shortlisted following initial screening, then we’ll invite you to formal interview at our office, where we’ll talk through your experience and the role on offer, and ask you to complete a competency based exercise.

The process can vary depending on the role, but we try to move as quickly as possible through this process and we’ll keep you up to date at each stage. Due to the level of interest our roles attract unfortunately we can’t offer feedback at CV submission stage, but interview feedback is always offered.

A note to recruiters

We don’t often work with recruitment agencies, but if you’re happy to accept our terms (10% of Y1 basic salary) then email [email protected] with the CV and tell us why your candidate is right for the role you want to put them forward for. Don’t forget to include the word “pass” in the filename of the CV so our recruitment team know you take as much care over the hiring process as we do! If we like what we read and your candidate hasn’t already applied directly to the role in question, we’ll get in touch to explain next steps and further terms.

Team photo April 2018-Midrive