What does your car say about you?

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Last updated: 3 Apr 2014

You might dream of one day owning your very own Ferrari or Lamborghini, but right now your second hand Fiesta is the best car in the world.

Whether you’re just borrowing your mum’s car to get about the weekend, or you’ve got your hands on a car of your own, your ride might say more about you than you think. Find out what your car is saying about you – and we don’t mean behind your back.

1. Preloved

Your car may have the odd scratch or bump to show for it’s years in service, but you love it all the same. You might find people leave you plenty of room in the supermarket car park, but that’s not always a bad thing is it?


2. The modifier

You’re not satisfied with owning a car which looks like everyone else’s. Oh no, you need one with a massive spoiler, 4 or more exhausts and some huge speakers. If this is you, your car says a lot about you. Not only can everyone hear you coming from a mile away, but you might also find that people want to race you at the traffic lights.


3. The ‘he didn’t buy that himself’ guy

If you’ve got a brand new car, your mates will all be jealous and slightly suspicious. People will speculate over whether you have a rich uncle who’s been buying you cars, and you’ll have to explain that you just got a cracking finance deal.


4. I’ve got kids, get out of my way

If your car has more than 5 seats, you automatically become the ‘always in a rush’ mum. People will be especially cautious of you at around 3pm on a weekday, and will question why you need a bus to get your kids from A to B.


5. The fit girl’s Fiat 500

This is a big shout of to all the girls driving Fiat 500s. We see you pulling up to the traffic lights and we automatically expect you to be fit as. 90% of the time this assumption will be correct, but there’s always that 10% chance that it will be a man.

fiat-500 (1)

6. The estate agent

It’s a stereotype, yes, but it’s one we just can’t seem to shake. Test yourself: what’s your first thought when you see a man in a suit driving a convertible Peugeot? Yep, he sells houses for a living.


7. The pride and joy

If you’ve ever parked in the middle of four parking spaces in order to prevent anyone from parking near your pristine car, this is probably you. You don’t trust other people’s parking… they think you’re an arse and will intentionally park as close to you as possible.


8. Creative improvements

If your car is ‘powered by fairy dust’ or sponsors random energy drinks, you like to get creative when it comes to car decoration. Car stickers are a car owners’ way of telling us they’re not scared of a spot of DIY. If you’ve gone really mental and have started added massive flowers all over your bonnet, people are going to notice you.


9. The sun worshipper

The UK boasts the second highest number of convertible car sales in the world, and, considering it’s usually raining, that says something about us. If you have a habit of taking the top down the second the sun comes out, people will admire your determination, but they will also laugh at you if it starts raining.


10. The messy driver

Some people have a habit of keeping their whole lives in their car, and don’t seem to be able to visit a car wash. If your mates have ever got in the passenger seat and found themselves sitting on your spare pair of jeans and your hair straighteners, there’s a chance that this is you. Just make sure you can’t see your stuff piling up from the outside, because then you know you’ve got a real problem.