Top 7 music videos featuring cars

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Last updated: 22 Aug 2019

Remember when Nelly wrote a song about a Porsche and then drove around in a Porsche for three minutes in the music video?

Of course you do, it was only like last year. Well, don’t worry we’re not about to make you watch it. Instead, we’re looking at the top 7 music videos which prove there’s nothing like a car to make a singer/rapper/random celeb look good. If nothing else, at least you’ll get to listen to the Spice Girls.

1. Jay Z and Kanye West – Otis

What do you do when you’ve got so much money there’s nothing in the world you couldn’t buy? Spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a Maybach and then cut it up of course!

2. Ace Hood – Bugatti

I guess if you’re a rapper, waking up in a Bugatti is a pretty standard situation. We wouldn’t know though, we’ve got more chance of waking up in a mate’s second hand Corsa.

Warning: If you’re not a fan of naughty words, don’t watch this.

3. Meridian Dan – German Whip

It looks a bit like a group of teenagers have taken a video camera to the nearest underground car park, but Meridian Dan’s song about German cars went down an absolute treat when it came out.

4. Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive

If you want to see Rihanna pretend she’s a mechanic and gyrate on a number of jazzy coloured cars, this is the video for you.

5. Stereophonics – Dakota

It’s been at the top of ‘best songs to drive to’ lists for a long time, so it’s only right that Sterephonics’ song, Dakota, has a car in it. He may not actually be driving it (maybe he needs some driving lessons?), but at least he’s got a good looking woman in the passenger seat.

6. One direction – Kiss You

Partly because their video reminds me a bit of the Stereophonics one (soz) and partly because, well, they’re One Direction, these boys made the list.

7. Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There

If there’s one thing a list needs, it’s a spot of Spice Girls. So, if you want to relive the posh-spice-before-she-got-too-posh days, sit back and enjoy this.