Top 10 horror movie cars

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Last updated: 1 Oct 2019

Ok, so we know taking your first driving lesson can be pretty scary, but once you get used to it you’ll be looking for something else to get the adrenaline pumping. Here at Midrive, we get our kicks from a good horror film, so what better way to get in the mood for Halloween by providing you with the definitive – and most likely super controversial – list of top 10 horror movie cars of all time.

10. A tyre – Rubber (2010)


“Come on, that’s not even a car!” I hear you cry. Well I say you’re missing the point; this is a tyre that can make people’s heads explode… how cool is that!?

A downright ridiculous idea from a downright ridiculous movie. Well worth it’s place in the top 10 and we won’t hear another word said about it.

9. Mercury Marquis – Stake Land (2010)


What more could you want to traverse your way through a vampire apocalypse than the awesomely grungy Mercury Marquis? Well, a bit of reliability might be useful. As cool as this beast is, it splutters to an untimely demise midway through the movie, and similarly stumbles its way to an unimpressive number 9 on our list.

8. Jaguar XK12 – Shaun of the Dead (2004)


“Let’s go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this to all blow over.”

Ok, so we don’t condone having a pint before jumping behind the wheel of a car (even in a zombie apocalypse), but this scene still has us creasing. Ed shows his zombie-splattering skills and fulfils a childhood dream when he gets behind the wheel of Phillip’s Jag. The crew’s action-packed rampage to the soundtrack of Ash’s Burn Baby Burn serves up a pretty iconic scene – but boy does it make you wince seeing such a classic car go so close to being written off!

7. Monster Truck – Monster Man (2003)


Ok, so this beast doesn’t quite have the stamina of the other vehicles on the list (it overheats after 30 minutes…rubbish!) but a monster truck that runs on rocket fuel with an appearance resembling the skull of a giant mecha wolf has to make it onto the list.

6. Cadillac Escalade – Zombieland (2009)


When you’re trying to get through the inevitable zombie apocalypse, a decent zombie-proof ride is essential. If the Escalade alone isn’t robust enough, the huge zombie plow attached to the front means that any walking dead suckers finding themselves in your way simply don’t stand a chance. This kind of solid apocalypse-ready car gets the certified midrive seal of approval and earns its place at number 6 on the list.

5. Dead Reckoning – Land of the Dead (2005)


Time to bring out the big guns. A 50ft heavily armoured lorry with two machine guns, two RC mini guns and a pair of roof mounted rocket launchers isn’t our recommended vehicle for learning to drive (just imagine trying to do a 3-point turn) but at least you’d never have to worry about anyone giving you grief when you stall 5 times in front of them…

4. Chevrolet COE – Jeepers Creepers (2001)


This grubby, rusty old truck has to be the ugliest brute in our top 10, but that, along with it’s terrifying horn, makes it one of the most fearful vehicles in cinematic history. Let’s just hope it doesn’t approach you when you’ve just got into 3rd gear for the first time…

3. Chevrolet Nova/Dodge Charger – Death Proof (2007)


Stunt man Mike actually goes through two vehicles in Tarantino’s Death Proof. We couldn’t choose between them so decided to include them both. The Skull and lightening emblazoned Chevy Nova is probably the most identifiable of the two, but Mike’s exploits in the Dodge Charger really take centre stage in the 2nd half of the movie.

2. Plymouth Fury – Christine (1983)


Christine is probably the most iconic horror movie car of all time, but that’s not enough to make it to the top of our list. You’ll find out where that honour goes in a moment. Firstly though, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of a killer car that can communicate with you exclusively through 50’s tunes.

1. Oldsmobile Delta – The Evil Dead Franchise – (1981)


So there we have it. Ash’s yellow Delta or “The Classic” as it’s also known, pips Christine to the post. The main reason this bad boy heads the chart is its unique incarnation in “Army of Darkness” when Ash pimps his ride with all the anti-zombie weaponry you could think of. And in the heat of a zombie apocalypse, you’re probably going to be grateful for a vertical spinning limb-slicing blade to keep you and your car safe!