Top 10: Chavvy Cars

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Last updated: 28 Aug 2012

For many people their cars are their pride and joy, but there are some people who take this love to the extreme. This top 10 takes a look at some of the most inventive, brave and downright ridiculous of car modifications, as we work out what makes a car ‘chavvy’.

Goldie Looking Chain’s Vauxhall ‘Chavalier’

This Burberry wrapped 1991 J Reg Vauxhall cavalier created by the king of chavs, Goldie Looking Chain, needs no explanation. With ‘safe as’ emblazoned on the side, and a blingy ‘GLC’ tag to trademark its creators, this motor takes modification to the extreme. No one would seriously drive around in this though, right? Wrong, it was bid to over £1000 on eBay in 2005 before Burberry found out about it, opened a lawsuit for infringement of copyright, and ordered it to be crushed.

Citreon Saxo

It seems almost unfair to include this little car in the list as it’s not the car itself that earns itself a place in the chavvy cars hall of fame, but rather those select few who decide to ‘enhance’ theirs with front bumpers, spoilers, racing seats and – unfortunately for their neighbours – insanely loud exhausts. They have become a staple first car for many boy racers hoping to impress the ladies with their driving skills.


Range Rover

The ‘it’ car for the chav with a large budget, the Range Rover is not typically found racing around Tesco car park on a friday evening, but, like the Saxo, there are a few Range Rover owners who ruin it for the rest of them. Katie Price’s, for example, with its pink respray and personalised plate ‘KP11 HOT’, is undeniably up there with the most garish of car creations.

It’s not, however, perhaps quite as garish as the Louis Vuitton wrapped version that was recently seen parked outside Bournemouth’s branch of Iceland.

Ford Fiesta

The humble Ford Fiesta is a car that has reinvented itself many times over the years, and has found itself in the list of most common first cars for young drivers (many of which have taken their driving lessons in the very same model). With so many on the road, however, the battle of who can make theirs the most impressive Fiesta around is well and truly on. Needless to say, they now come in array of styles. Whilst the taste of some are questionable, no one can question their creativity.


Ali G’s Renault 5 GT Turbo

The Renault 5 is perhaps not the first motor that springs to mind when you think of souped up cars. Ali G’s pimped out version, however, with its canary yellow paintwork, reverse-opening bonnet and ground-trailing bumpers, really is something special. Unfortunately, there are probably not many, besides Ali G, who can get away with driving around in it.

Nissan Skyline

With a speedo reading up to 186mph, the Nissan Skyline is any speed daemon’s dream. Not only does its impressive engine appeal, but its sleek design and all important spoiler create the look that many DIY versions fail to pull off. This car does exactly what it says on the tin, and, frankly, oozes chav appeal.


Subaru Impreza WRX

The Impreza – a car visually similar to the skyline – can be considered chavtastic for a number of reasons. Of course, the vital spoiler is there, along with the lowered front bumper and metallic finish paintwork. Add some alloys into the mix and it’s an irresistible, but relatively cheap, show-off car.

Vauxhall Nova

There is, perhaps, not a more suitable car out there for the socially awkward Neil from The Inbetweeners. His 1989 red Vauxhall Nova needs no modifications to make it on to this list. Only marginally more stylish than Simon’s Fiat Cinquecento, and with 6ft Neil at the wheel, this car is perfect for a pussy patrol. Or at least it would be if it had an engine…


Pink limousine

The limousine – once the staple of luxury – has, under the influence of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, turned pink, and, in turn, become one of the tackiest modes of travel. Throw in a meringue style wedding dress, some heads sticking out of the sun roof and a couple of glasses of lambrini, and you’ve got yourself a truly chavvy mix.

Bieber’s Chrome Fisker Karma

What do you get an 18 year old who already has everything? Ellen Degeneres has answered this question by buying Justin Bieber his very own chrome Fisker Karma. Not only was this barely legal teen named, this year, the third most powerful celebrity in the world, but he now has his very own car sized mirror to make sure no one forgets it.