Are you a boy racer?

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Last updated: 11 Nov 2019

Driving like a boy racer takes commitment. Not only do you have to spend a lot of time perfecting your look, but you’ll spend the majority of your evenings hanging around supermarket car parks. If you’re an aspiring boy racer, you’ll need to have covered a few bases. Take our test to find out once and for all: are you a boy racer?

1. What car do you drive?

There are two kinds of boy racers – the ones with flash supercars and the ones with modified Vauxhall Corsas. Either one qualifies, but the latter is the most common example. As a general rule, any car can be a boy racer’s car with the right modifications.


2. How big is your exhaust?

This is one of the most important aspects of being a boy racer. If your exhaust is a regular size and doesn’t make any noise, you’re just not going to cut it as a boy racer. It should be at least the circumference of a baked bean can, if not bigger. Note: The noisier your exhaust, the better.


3. Do you ignore the 3 and 9 o’clock hand positions?

It’s not cool and it’s not clever, but boy racers tend to ignore the safety advice for holding a steering wheel at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions they'll have learned in their driving lessons. In fact, the one hand at 12 o’clock seems to be a favourite. We’re not recommending this, because, as all good drivers know, you should have both hands on the wheel at all times.


4. Can the driver three cars behind hear your music?

If so, you’re a) a boy racer, b) seriously damaging your eardrums and c) probably annoying people. Turn it down.


5. Are speed bumps your enemy?

Unless you’re driving a super expensive sports car, you shouldn’t have to drive over speed bumps at 1mph. If you’ve had your car lowered, however, speed bumps will be a nightmare for you. Remember, you may think that you're driving an iconic car but Starsky and Hutch's on set crew won't be there to jump in when you hear a crunch.


6. Are you fan of car stickers?

We’re not talking ‘this car is powered by fairydust’ or ‘baby on board’ stickers. We mean the ones which tell your fellow drivers you’ve got ‘no fear’ or that you’re a fan of the Monster energy drink. You might also have removed all other badges from the back of your car, or added a sport sticker despite the fact your car is not the sport edition.


7. Are you the first to offer your mates a lift?

Boy racers spend as much time in their cars as possible, which also means they love to give people lifts. If you would rather be driving than driven, and you meet more than one other requirement here, you may well be a boy racer.


8. Can you attach a spoiler to your car?

If there’s one thing boy racers love, it’s a good car modification. A true boy racer will know how to attach a spoiler to their car and be able to give their mates car maintenance advice. By maintenance we don’t mean oil changes and tyre pressure, we mean exhausts and ‘sweet rims’.


9. How do you feel about fuel economy?

Being a boy racer involves changing gear as late as possible and using your brakes as often as possible. Not only do you not care about the environment, but you seem to actively burn as much fuel as possible.


10.Your car may be loud, but it’s probably not fast

The final defining point of the boy racer is the fact that their car is loud but not necessarily fast. You will, however, dream of one day owning your own Lamborghini.