6 essentials every girl needs in her car

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Last updated: 6 Jun 2014

There are a few things your dad will insist you have in the boot once you pass your driving test, but once you’ve got your high vis and your torch sorted, there’s definitely room for some more in-car essentials.

Check out our 6 absolute essentials which all girls must have in their car at all times. And no, car eyelashes are not on the list

1. A charger

All that snapchatting will play havoc with your phone battery, and there is absolutely no way you can manage the next three hours of your life without a phone. There are actually lots of sensible reasons why you should have an in-car phone charger, but we’re just focusing on the lost selfie opportunities.


2. Emergency knickers

You just never know when you might need a spare pair of pants, and as your nan should have always told you, you never want to be caught wearing yesterday’s knickers. You don’t need to keep them in the glove box or anything, that might look a bit weird if someone is actually searching for your torch.

3. Air freshener

You’re a young and sophisticated female, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love a McChicken sandwich from the drive-thru. Cover up all traces of your fast food binge with an in-car air freshener, and it will be like it never happened.


4. Flat shoes

There’s two reasons why you should keep a pair of flat shoes in your car. The first is that it’s dangerous to drive in heels, and the second is that… well… the bare-feet-in-the-street-because-my-shoes-hurt look is not a good one.

5. Your go-to sad time CD

If you can’t listen to Celine Dion in the comfort of your own car then when can you? It’s your go to CD for break ups, BFF fall outs and hairdressing disasters, and there’s nothing like a sad, lonely drive listening to it.


6. Sunglasses

On that one off chance that England has a sunny moment, you need to be prepared to get the shades out. Make sure you’ve got a spare pair in the car, because we’ve heard the summer is actually on it’s way and we might be about to see some sun. Hoorah!