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What is black box insurance?

Black box, or ‘telematics’, is a way for people on a budget to find their independence. A small device is installed in your car, and this is used to determine your driving habits. You can then be rewarded for safe driving with lower premiums. It’s a win-win!

Who can get it?

Anyone can take out a telematics policy and save money. That said, the younger and less experienced you are, the more benefit you generally get. If you’re interested in just how much you could save, why don’t you speak with one of MyFirstUK’s experts?

What a black box does

A black box lets you build up a picture of your good driving habits so you pay less on your insurance. It’s comprised of two main parts - a GPS locator and an accelerometer.

  • The GPS tracks location data, including speed, distance, road type, and when the car is being driven.
  • The accelerometer records how quickly the car accelerates and brakes, as well as how sharply it corners.

Telematics that works for you

MyFirstUK’s black box policies are based on education, not punishment.

1. No night-time curfews

Drive where you want, when you want.

2. No quarterly reviews

Stay in control of your freedom.

3. No automatic fines

Brake, corner, and accelerate with confidence.

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Common Questions

What does Telematics mean on car insurance?

Telematics car insurance is when you have a small device in your car that monitors your driving habits.

How does telematics car insurance work?

With a black box installed, you get cheaper premiums and are rewarded for safe driving.

Can your insurance go up with a black box?

Some insurers will increase your premiums if your driving habits consistently expose you to unnecessary risk.

Does my car already have telematics fitted?

It’s possible. If you bought the car second-hand the previous owner may have had a black box installed. They’re usually fitted behind the dashboard, out of sight. You can choose to have the black box removed, but once an insurance policy has been cancelled the box is deactivated. So, it won’t be collecting any data.

Can telematics reduce premiums?

Definitely! You get savings for having telematics installed and then usually further reductions on your premium for safe driving.

Can you speed with a black box?

Black boxes don’t limit your driving in any way, but they do record everything you do.

How much does a black box reduce insurance?

That depends on a lot of factors, including your age and driving habits. Generally speaking, the younger and safer you are as a driver, the more you’ll save.

Do all black boxes have curfews?

Not all, no. That’s up to the individual insurer to decide. MyFirstUK’s policies don’t have curfews.

How much does telematics cost?

Usually, nothing! A black box will generally be fitted to your car for free if you take out a telematics policy.