Tips for passing your driving test in Birmingham

We've done all of the hard work for you and have gathered top tips from the experts, our very own driving instructors in Birmingham, to help you pass your driving test!

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When it comes to test centres in Birmingham, learners will be spoilt for choice. With varying pass rates between different test centres, it’s good to do a little research before booking in for your driving test. We’ve spoken to some of our local driving instructors to get some tips and tricks on some of the most notorious road scenarios on Birmingham test centre routes.

One of the common mistakes that learner drivers make during their driving tests in Birmingham is confusion at roundabouts. Whether it’s confusion about which lane they’re supposed to be in, who’s got the right of way or what speed they should be driving at, these mistakes are an easy way to rack up those major and minor faults.

Pornsuree, a Midrive instructor based in Birmingham, has this advice for learners taking their test at Kings Heath: “The major roundabout at the Hollywood bypass has three lanes of traffic and many learners forget which lane they need to be in as they approach it, which leads to costly mistakes. Don’t panic! Take your time to reduce your speed and read the road markings and signs to help guide you across.”

Cocks Moors Woods Test Centre is located on the site of a major leisure centre, which means the car park and surrounding area can get quite busy. Learner drivers should make sure they keep an eye out for coaches too, as large school groups are dropped off and picked up.

Another common error for learner drivers is failing to make sharp turns. This is particularly the case when driving on Station Road in Kings Heath. There are turns of up to 90 degrees with limited visibility, so remember to take your time if asked to turn onto joining roads like Highbury Road, Westfield Road and York Road. Don’t forget there is a box junction just after the turning onto Kings Heath High Street, so definitely make sure you’ve had some practice on this tricky road.

Many learner drivers don’t manage very well when driving on dual carriageways and receive minor and major faults because of this. In most cases, they don’t have much confidence driving at the higher speeds required and they struggle with changing lanes safely.

Pornsuree shares her recommendations for learner drivers using dual carriageways. “Some learner drivers taking their test at Kings Heath or Cocks Moors Woods forget follow the correct observation routine when changing lanes. Look in your mirrors and especially in your blind spots before pulling into another lane of traffic.”

Birmingham does have a reputation for being an area with lower pass rates. However, by having driving lessons in and around the area of your chosen test centre, you’ll be able to build the confidence you need for your test.